Ome­gaT ana­ly­zes text for repe­ti­ti­ons and matching seg­ments from pre­vious trans­la­ti­ons and gene­ra­tes sta­tis­tics on the plan­ned trans­la­ti­on effort.

Match Statistic

The word num­ber for the sta­tis­tics value deter­mi­ned by Ome­gaT (repe­ti­ti­ons, x% — y%, etc.) is mul­ti­pli­ed by the valid word pri­ce from a word pri­ce table for Ome­gaT trans­la­ti­ons, resul­ting in 7 par­ti­al sums.

All 7 par­ti­al sums tog­e­ther make up the total pri­ce of the Ome­gaT trans­la­ti­on. The curr­ent­ly valid word pri­ce table can be found in the menu item Order. The ent­ries of the word pri­ce table are explai­ned below.

Sta­tis­tic Item


X % – Y % Match

No Match


The­re are repe­ti­ti­ve, iden­ti­cal seg­ments in the text to be trans­la­ted. The trans­la­ti­on might not be accu­ra­te in any case accor­ding to the mea­ning of the seg­ment. The­r­e­fo­re it will be veri­fied by the trans­la­tor after inser­ted into the text by OmegaT.

Ome­gaT iden­ti­fied seg­ments with a cer­tain num­ber of words in the text tho­se trans­la­ti­on to a defi­ni­te per­cen­ta­ge num­ber alre­a­dy exists through an ear­lier trans­la­ti­on in an exter­nal TM file. The trans­la­tor checks the mea­ning of the­se trans­la­ti­ons, takes over the matching parts repre­sen­ting a cor­rect trans­la­ti­on and com­ple­ments the miss­ing ones.

The­re are seg­ments in the text not alre­a­dy being trans­la­ted by a trans­la­ti­on of a pre­vious text ver­si­on. The­se seg­ments will be com­ple­te­ly trans­la­ted by the translator.

Sample Cost Accounting

Below is an exam­p­le cost cal­cu­la­ti­on shown for trans­la­ting a text using Ome­gaT. The text to be trans­la­ted com­pri­ses a total of 2899 words and a pre­vious ver­si­on of it has alre­a­dy been trans­la­ted in the past. Becau­se of this the­re is a TM from this ear­lier text ver­si­on which can be used by Ome­gaT for the trans­la­ti­on of the cur­rent text ver­si­on. Through the use of Ome­gaT the trans­la­ti­on of the text cos­ts 173,04 Euro.

A trans­la­ti­on of the same text wit­hout the use of Ome­gaT cos­ts 231.92 € using the stan­dard pri­ce of 0.08 € per word for cal­cu­la­ting the trans­la­ti­on char­ge. The­r­e­fo­re the use of Ome­gaT for doing the text trans­la­ti­on results in a cost saving of 58.88 € or 34 percent.

Sample Cost Allocation

On the right you can see a sam­ple cost dis­tri­bu­ti­on of the indi­vi­du­al sta­tis­tic values ​​for the trans­la­ti­on of a text using Ome­gaT, as it is gene­ra­ted for the bil­ling of each Ome­gaT based text translation.

The text con­ta­ins the total amount of 2899 words and the­re has alre­a­dy been trans­la­ted an ear­lier ver­si­on in the past. The­r­e­fo­re a TM alre­a­dy exists from the trans­la­ti­on of this pre­vious text ver­si­on which can be used by Ome­gaT for the trans­la­ti­on of the cur­rent text version.

The use of this TM by Ome­gaT redu­ces the pri­ce for the trans­la­ti­on com­pared to a trans­la­ti­on in which the basic pri­ce of 0.08 € for each word is used for char­ge cal­cu­la­ti­on. By using Ome­gaT the text trans­la­ti­on cost is cal­cu­la­ted by  adding the indi­vi­du­al sta­tis­tics values to ​​the total sum of 173.04 €.

Sta­tis­tic Item


95 % – 100 % Match

85 % – 94 % Match

75 % – 84 % Match

50 % – 74 % Match

No Match

Total Sum

Word Count Cost

343 Words x 2 Cent = 6.86 Euro

215 Words x 4 Cent = 8.60 Euro

533 Words x 5 Cent = 26.65 Euro

361 Words x 6 Cent = 21.66 Euro

649 Words x 7 Cent = 45.43 Euro

798 Words x 8 Cent = 63.84 Euro

173.04 Euro

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